Guten tag/morgen !

I'm going to follow up in english since my german is quite bad, hope you won't mind !

I'm from a french startup which has created a Newsletter plugin called Jackmail.

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It's Free, powerfull and easy to use.

- Responsive Emailbuilder
- Automation
- Import your article in your newsletter
- import contact from various files
- synchronize with a lot of contact/optin form plugin

You surely know a lot of plugins in the WP Market, but this one is from a new kind.

Why ? We do provide the mail server in the plugin. No more smtp to configure, or any "8 hours to deliver my 5000 mails ..."

We offer 1,000 mails per month for free. You'd only pay for more if needed, and it's cheap.

Please, try it, since it's free, and tell me if you like it

We spend a year developping it, so any ideas are welcome. And the plugin is almost 2 months old, so there's still development in progress